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Drama Monologue

Published by Un-substantial in the blog Un-substantial's blog. Views: 97

So I have to write a monologue in drama...
It has to be centered around the theme of 'war and peace'.
That is kind of depressing if you ask me.
But it has to be done...by next period, so I have 30 minutes to write it, and stay under the radar so my english teacher doesn't catch me doing other work in her class.

This is going to be fun...

I need a statistic first off. It needs to be any statistic from any kind of war. Past, present, good, bad, something.

Then I have to write about 3/4 of a page on it.

It shouldn't be too hard, I mean, it's just a monologue, I write them all the time.

I just hope I don't get caught....

Anywho, back to school work...

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