Draycon part one

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Draycon habitat

The Draycon live within cities and towns that are often craved from mountains or built into them. To the unsuspecting eye they often appear inaccessible. The passages hidden and working there way upwards from beneath ground. Farms tend to be nestled within valleys and close to streams. These lands are still bountiful. The Draycon’s lands over look that of the humans. The Draycon chose to settle here due to the protective location and plentiful lands.

Draycon renowned

Being the more inventive race the Draycon have weapons that appear like staves and are loaded with rune magic making them a ranged weapon. Poison masters in Draycon are renowned for creating poisons that do incurable damage.

Draycon population

The Draycon are the biggest race, half of Tetesie’s population is Draycon. The Draycon’s main city is Ardious.

The drakan have humanoid forms and have a ranging height of any where between 5.8 and six two. The have hooves and all have wings however are flightless (you'll learn why later.) they have horns that can be either patruding nubs for females or large goat like horns for men. These are found above the ears. The drakan wear bright colored robes and adornments. Men often carry ornate swords and the females large daggers. The skin color is often pale and a drakans eyes are often hues of black brown or tawny. Their hair can be just about any natural color.
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