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Dream Job and Dream School

Published by maidahl in the blog maidahl's blog. Views: 101

If it's your dream school, it will fail you.

If it's your dream job, you will fail at it.

Do something that you know makes money that you are good at. Do something to make you good at it.

It's very stressful to invent. You have to trip your mind outside of your usual mind-frame, go out on a limb, and offer up a brainchild for judgement.
To be good at that, you need to know what fails, what succeeds, and how to succeed, most of the time, in creating the inventions your profession calls for.

Education helps you invent, create, build, improve, and take credit for discarded success of the past. If you travel for a while and say you're doing it to learn form life experience, make sure you know where you're going, and what you need to cover, (basically what your peer group is doing while you think you have the time to vacation).

I used to want to be a teacher. Professor. English. Writer on the side.

Here's why I am going to be a journalist.

I already know it's going to be boring. It makes more money. Cooler people to make friends with. I have no expectations other than making sure I get the right amount of education to be better than most at it. I know I'd be good at it. It will land me a longer life until I have to die. I don't want kids. I like having more stuff than teacher's have.
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