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Dream or past memory?

Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 146

As I walk to the door down this dark hallway i begin to feel lighter and lighter. Once there in front, I hesitate to grab the door knob. Why? Thinking if its lock or open? What am I going to find on the other side? Once open I can see a green field and a beautiful pink tree next to a small river. It feels so familiar, so nostalgic. While approaching the wind swirls around with pink petals alongside my whole body. My body moving on its on I close my eyes and begin to dance around with the wind. Then I hear an unknown voice echoing, yet familiar saying: "Dancing with the wind again?" Without noticing I reply: "Yes, once again you know i can't help it. Its like I'm part of it. That we're one when we dance."(smiles)
Fully knowing in my mind that I'm dreaming, yet i dont feel it like a dream, it feels so real. The feeling of the wind going passed by your whole body and seeing everything so clear that it gave me the goosebumps. But somehow the questions that I have I can not ask yet I feel like I know the answers...
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