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Dreams on a Winter's Night

Published by goddessofwords in the blog goddessofwords's blog. Views: 161

The smell of freshly-cut grass,
the soothing touch of swimming pool water,
the sweet, sweet sonnet of blue robins returning to discarded nests,
is summer finally here?

Listening for the drip drop of melting snow,
watching for the parting clouds,
surprised to see the awakening sun
after months of chilly day and night.

Waiting and wishing,
hoping and dreaming,
woolgathering between warm sheets
deep in thought about the refreshing weather

People mentally tallying the days,
crossing off day after winter day

Excitement is building
for surely summer is here!

The days have become longer,
the nights shorter and warmer.
The sun rises higher and higher,
drenching the frozen earth in her light.

Soon the insects buzz and chirp,
playgrounds fill with laughter and fun
relieved smiles sported on weary teachers
All the creatures and people rejoice
because summer is finally here!
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