Dreams: Personalized Myths

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I just edited my signature with Joseph Campbell's quote on it; "Dream is the personalized myth, myth the depersonalized dream."

After doing so, it made me think if dreams can be a source of inspiration, tapping on the wells of the collective subconscious. I read that H.P. Lovecraft based his "Great Old Ones" from his nightmares. I used to encrypt my dreams through poetry and lyrics. To create a narrative out of the dream is hard since most details are lost after waking - unless it was lucid. But what got my attention was symbolism. What dreams and myths have in common are symbols. Jung had discovered the archetypes which some bore semblance to heroes and heroines. If our dreams contained the DNA of ancient and old myths, unearthing and reconstructing them could produce a new myth, a new story in the voice of this generation. With this, however, I'm not dismissing our innate imagination to chalk up stories. Rather, I'm suggesting that we utilize another resource to aid our craft.

So I'm thinking of a writing exercise for myself and sharing this idea to you, my dear reader. After waking up from a dream, try to remember as much as you can what you had dreamt. As you do, identify three essentials that stood out in the dream. These essentials could either be an object, a person, an event, a location, etc. With those three, write a story - a short story - using those as inspiration.

I hope I dream something tonight and try this exercise out. Sweet dreams WF!
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