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Driving home drunk, thinking of you

Published by Marranda in the blog Marranda's blog. Views: 139

I have no more tears to cry,
Because I think I've cried them all.
All the years we've spent apart,
The further and further I fall.
I spend a lot of time, thinking of you,
And how things could be...
And wish that any time with him, would have been you with me.
I'm thankful for every day I have with my son,
And I'm glad he is who he is.
But wish that some times he could be yours, instead of his.
There's nothing I can do or say to rewind time,
Though there's days I think that if I could, you would still be mine.
I love him for the child that he gave me,
But that doesn't stop the love I have for you, to still be.
I wish...
I wish I knew the future,
And how things would end up.
But every possible outcome I think of...
It's just not enough.
Since I was eighteen,
you've been my only love.
I don't know what else to say,
Maybe because there's nothing else to speak of.
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