Drizzt vs Mazrath- Who Would Win?

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One of my favorite characters I created was inspired by the Ranger Drow Drizzt Du'Urden. Who is one of my favorite characters.

I do not deny that even Mazrath's weapon choice of twin scimitars were largely based on Drizzt. In fact my characters creation was inspired by trying to create my own Zak and Drizzt.

But in doing so I fear I have condemned my character to nothing more then a Drizzt clone, one of many I would guess. But not without merit. Mazrath is a Night Elf, which means he has gray skin. Not to unlike Drizzt's black skin. Their weapons are no doubt to similar. Perhaps not their magical abilities, as Mazrath's are black scimitars forged from incredibly strong metal and nothing more.

Their stories, and even personalities are vastly different. This I must believe otherwise I will have to keep Mazrath into nothing more then wishful fantasy. Because if I couldn't then it would mean I truly just stole everything from Drizzt.

The race of Mazrath, Night Elf, was actually more of a coincidence. He started off as an alt character in a MMORPG I play(ashen empires if anyone was curious) and Night Elf was one of the three races you can play.

Actually Mazrath started off as the teacher, with Tazryl was the student. But I loved the name Mazrath to much and decided to switch the names.

The personalities are also rather different. Drizzt is more of a stoic, patient, and calculating person. Mazrath is easily blinded by any challenge. He believes there is no challenge he can't beat... despite his belief he can't and costs him dearly at times. Mazrath isn't to stoic and he definitely isn't patient for the most part.

If you haven't caught on by now. Yes this is very much a blog to try and justify my character as being seperate and different then that of Drizzt.

I suppose in the end it comes down to my writing and how I tell the story of Mazrath.
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