lessa Sep 21, 2008
I am an avid hunter as well. It is such a rush to just see the game ahead.
We are actually a hunting family. When the boys were little we went after grouse and partridge.
We graduated to bear hunting and it was amazing how well those animals can disappear into the bush.
We have gone goose hunting but never duck.
We haven't gone out this year but maybe today we will.
We don't do it for the getting the game we do it to be out in nature away from people.
It is a great family sport for people of all ages.
I enjoyed reading about your stupidity. All hunters have that story or the one where buck fever took over the brain.
Mine is.
We were out and I had just gotten my test completed and license so I was all set.
I was walking back to the van ahead of two sons and husband. I saw a partridge in the tree and kept motioning for the others to come quick. When they got there I said I needed a gun. Used the shotgun that was handed to me and got 2 birds.
Stupid moment was that I had my own shotgun hanging off my shoulder strap.
Was my face red.
Figured buck fever never happen again.
Next year same road same tree, Probably the same 6 birds that got away the first year.
Asked for a shotgun again.
That was 7 years ago and I have never tried hunting that road again.
I was jinxed.
sure makes a funny story for around the campfire though.
Enjoy your hunting this year.
Love hearing about it whenever you feel like sharing.