Dyslexic Gift to Writers

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ok as my first entry i wanted to write something that is very significant to me. It has effected me greatly through out my life and will for all my days to come.

I am Dyslexic. For those of you who don't know there are varying degrees of dylexia. i for one am able to read and write although it took me longer to get to this point then the average person.

I know it's weird that i want to become a writer since writing is one of my weaker skills. But i truely believe that it is the only thing that will make me happy.

Over the years i have come to view my disability as both a gift and a curse. It a curse for obvious reasons( i don't think i have to really explain why). By my Dyslexia is a gift because i believe it enhanses my ability to think out side the box. You've probably heard that when one sense is impaired the others become more sensitive. I think it's kinda like that when it comes to my Dyslexia.

Not that im some great undiscovered genius or anything. lol

anyway i guess i mainly wrote this blog because i wanted to see if there was anyone else out there who is like me. I have met other people with disabilties but never ones who also wanted to be a writer.


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