Dystopia in Teenagers

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Dystopia, the opposed of Utopia, is the word for what we call the state in which life is extremely suffering with Terror, Oppression or Suppression , any sort of deprivation is inclusive of dystopia. Well, nowadays the teens are incessantly falling preys to all the bad or life sucking habits, and the reason behind this seems to be the stress that makes them feel the need to make an improvisation, or can say that rapprochements are needed only when the gratification is met out, to fulfill their desires they sometimes carry a rebellious attitude towards their acquaintances, pals, friends, whom they began to consider as one of the bodging ilk on the planet. During the whole period of suffering the time which they spend totally goes with their fickle-minded plans which they began to execute on their respective lives.

Teenage is the puberty age in which hormonal disturbances , some internal changes take place, that is the reason we , the teenagers sometimes find more relaxation in smoking and drinking, and somewhere the reason behind the chain smoking is our sexual frustration which is becoming a vital part of our lives. Teens develop most of the times a habit of sullen temper, they like to be with themselves as they find themselves more convoluted as well as convivial in themselves at the same time. The rekindled feelings of love, sex, making friends of opposite sex seems more ubiquitous. We sometimes become odious as verisimilitude exists somewhere.

This verdant age of the striplings is imbued with emulation, to subdue others, their counterparts to the intimidating phase. Prominence, fame, and their rapacious attitude are the essentials of what they are made of. Juveniles sometimes develop Narcissism , the habit of admiring yourself and your appearance too much, to be self obsessed , as they find themselves on their own dais and this the very ambo from which they just like to be heard , as they need to be heard the most. I reckon there exists a motley breed of nasty, frustrating, depressed, dejected ,casuist teens with resolute intentions. Albeit this age which I have termed the “Age of Perceptive Suppression” is being named so, as the versatile beings are turned into the adults in flying colors. To efface the self developed or thrown vanities, some become voracious readers, some remain gullible and many turn agile-minded.

Tersely it can be said that there may be varied teens of varied perspectives but generally what I have conceived is everybody in this age is misanthrope, he/she might not like man kind but a day comes when they come out of this abyss and give an outset to resuscitate their resonant surrounding…
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