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Eather mages

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 184

most creatures on Exzalia can use eather in one way or another, and it can be weaved in so many ways all mages soon develop their own combat styles. Remembering it all can be difficult at times, so I'm making a list of each character and the moves they know.
It's for my personal use but I'm blogging so if your curious you can have a peek. also these templates will change as the character grows stronger.

Tess, a half human half merfolk boy of 15 years of age, agile and tricky he relies on speed and his unpredictability to over come hostile threats.

bab (Bread and butter moves)
Arcane bolt, a fast quick lightning spell with average power causes arcane paralysis if it hits the opponent

Ice drop. Fast to weave slow to travel if it hits it explodes in a blast of water which instantly freezes, trapping the opponent in a block of ice. secondaryeaffect is it slows the eather of the opponent.

Summon thunder eel: Summons a giant eel that shoots arcane bolts. relatively strong and fast with strong anti physical qualities.

PF move (Power finisher moves)

Scaled: Slow to cast but powerful and can be pumped continuously, Tess shoots boiling hot water at the target, the water is as hotter than lava and can melt almost anything.

SD (Support, disrupt moves)

bubble trap: Creates invisible weaves on the ground, if target steps into the weave then the target is trapped inside a giant bubble, the bubble explodes if popped

Disrupting geyser: a rush of water aether hits the opponent from below sending him into the air, secondary affect is that the targets spell become diluted with the wrong eather.

frost beam: average power, a icy beam is fired with speed at target, if hit the target eather is slowed. also freezes some what.

conductive air: a field affect, any one with in range of the battle field will get hit by any lightning spells cast, including the caster.

Thunder drain: an enchantment put on him self, electric attacks become partially absorbed and give him extra power.
(Note the combo with conductive air)

and finally, frost bolt: Lightning that shocks and freezes on contact, all energy opponents use eather or other wise become twice as slow and twice as hard to control. does above average damage. one of the few moves on Exzalia that combined three elements water, fire, and wind in this case.

Tess is slightly stronger than the average battle mage despite his age, he is strong determined, but very immature at times.
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