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Published by Trilby in the blog Eavesdropping. Views: 133

I was brought up to be well mannered and eavesdropping was a definite No! No!

However, for the writer this despicable practice would seem to be acceptable (well it is in some of the writers' self-help books that I have read).

On a bus going to Newcastle yesterday I overheard the following conversation between two 17ish girls.

Girl 'A' was complaining about her boyfriend being selfish and childish.

Girl B:
Well he did go straight from one relationship into another. Not that you are a rebound or anything.

Girl A:
You think I'm just a rebound?

Girl B:
No! I didn't say that. Err... I'll put it another way. Which would you rather be, happy and a rebound or sad and have no-one?

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