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Echoes of my mind

Published by Griffey in the blog Nutter Butter. Views: 124

This is a poem I wrote a little while back. I am not a poet, I do not publish anything, i simply have a little black notepad that usually goes with me everywhere and I write poems, songs, random thoughts, journal entires, and sometimes draw pics. This is one of things in it: (I welcome all your comments)

(The title is in the poem, only reason why its titled) Echoes of My Mind

The echoes of my mind
Keep telling me that it's time.
Time to put it all down,
Flip the script upside down.
And reverse the pain that I caused,
The hurt, the sorrow, the loss.
Give back everything that I took,
Start a new chapter in a different book.
Flush the pills, the green, down the drain,
Flush all the poison killing my brain.
Start all over in the afternoon,
Just one problem, I don't know how to.
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