Elections 2008...NOT US!

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Pakistan is also going to have elections this February. Which is quite an entertaining situation, seeing that I'm in the prime age of curiosity, where my interests lean towards politics and religion, and USA and my own country constitute the majority of my political interests...I must say, I'm having fun!

However, unlike the otherwise friendly politics in USA, Pakistan is running through a political crisis since it was born and after turning 60 last year, the situations have only gone worse. How-so-ever, as a happy-go-lucky Pakistani, I feel obliged to take interest in the elections. I'm not 21 yet, but whenever I turn 21 I'll make sure I vote for MYSELF!

In any case, the latest updates would be: bombs found, bombings speculated, strikes speculated, deaths speculated - and most importantly - the elections are rigged. To be precise, bombs were found in Beaconhouse Defence Campus Lahore (a branch of my school), LGS (Lahore Grammar School) and some other schools. Where the authorities think of it as a terrorist attack, I think of it as a prank. The boys of Pakistan are quite mischievous. The boys who claimed that bombs were forced into their bags, probably bought them off a local bazaar, and the bombs are probably dummies. Even if the boys didn't do it, they were fake, because certain people want to create hype in the country.

Anyhow, school is off for the coming 5 days, in honour of the bombings and the elections. And here's to anarchy and destruction of the country.

To lighten up the mood, here's a collection of political jokes and slip-ups in relation to Pakistan:

Musharraf was going somewhere when his car hits a puppy which dies. He orders the chauffeur to talk to the neighbours, asking about the puppy and to whom it belonged, so that he may pay the compensation money. The chauffeur goes and returns after a long while, covered in vibrant looking flowers and his hands filled with chocolate boxes. Musharraf is enraged and inquires the chauffeur:
"What have you been up to? I asked you to do some work, not to fool around!"
The chauffeur replies innocently:
"I did what you said. I said to the neigbours: 'I'm Musharraf's chauffeur. Son of a dog has died. I came here to tell you about this.'"

7 deadly sins (extract):
1-Associating other gods with Allah
4-Voting in Pakistan

The political party of Nawaz Sharif has a hearty slogan. Their representative icon is 'namely' a lion. And here's to the appearance of the lion. Such a unique form!

A man goes for fishing and returns with a big, fat fish. He orders his wife to cook it. She groans:
"How do you expect me to do that? There is no gas, no electricity and no money!"
The man is distressed and throws the fish back into the ocean. The fish cries out:
"Long live Musharraf!"
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