Embarrassment setting in

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I got a call today from a job that i sent in an application too.

I was happy for one because today i was feeling down.

The problem is i got stump on two question

1. tell me a little about your self

i told her i go to a tech college and my degree is in computer science but after that i drew a blank

it not that i don't know anymore about myself it more what do i say but freak her out or have her ask "whats that"

i didn't want to talk about my black cat either and sound like a cat lady *sigh*

i like anime, Japanese culture, trying slowly to learn Japanese, not a sport person now I'm drawing blanks.

2. what experience to you have in preparing food.

now i don't feel so bad with my answer because i never really had a job preparing food but i could have use fixing dinner for my family in that or added I'm a quick learner or something about new experience.

Yeah I know hine sight is 20/20 but i really want a job and this is the first that called me since summer break as started.

i can currently work any hours although i told her i would like every other weekend to a baby site ( at the same time i added i could work around it)

I just keep hoping that at least i get a interview, I'm a reliable person harder working who try her best to mean all standards ( another thing i could have added)

cod flab it phone interviews suck, i wish i just had a list of questions that i will or more the likely be asked so i can at least think about it.

i just needed to vent and try to get my mind off it, i more then likely be making something out of nothing

i wish this embarrassment feeling would stop its more irritating then depression (at least you et sad music for the latter)

maybe if enough people wish me luck it might come true lol

to everyone who happens to read all this thanks tons
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