emotions and violence: Dear Angel by April Sixth

Published by OliveKanayurak in the blog how I feel now, Oct. 8 2011. Views: 82

every time i listen to this song, it makes me want to cry. it reminds me of my loved ones here on Earth and up in Heaven. reminding me that in this violent world we live in, there is love and hope at every corner, that we will see our loved ones again someday in the future.

in this world, we do nothing but argue, fight, put down, call names, steal, break, tear, everything to hurt each other. i know a lot of people don't want to hear this, but you have to grow up someday. i had to grow up early on than what is supposed to be. a lot of people are like that, growing up way too early.

i admit, i come from a violent family, but we do it because we are VERY overprotective of each other. that is what i love about them, they care, they help, they be there when one of us need it. we are each others best friend, we look out for each one. we do it because we LOVE.

even in the darkest of night, there is some light shining somewhere in the horizon. that is the same for people's souls. not everyone is perfect, no one in this world ever is. no one here is NORMAL. we are different. it may be a cruel reality, but at least it's the truth than a lie dressed up pretty.

we are born in this world, we live in it, then we die on this world we had created from the very beginning. this is our life... even when we take it for granted in the end...

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