Empty Headed

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Us writers have the utmost desire to create something great, something actually worth taking time out of life and out our tears and blood into it. I'm starting a new project, of course it can only be considered "fan fiction." It seems that the ideas that spring into mind have already been copyrighted. Though, had this story not have been written, my idea would have not come into creation. I've been researching and reading various books on the subject, yet I have yet to come to a pleasing opening. My word choice is unstable, yet somehow I'm in advanced English. Go figure, right? Anyway, dozens of post-its line my walls, and ideas have been buzzing around my mind for at least a week. So far, I have two paragraphs and some various brainstorming in a notebook, all of which aren't that great.
My dream, like many, is to have a book in print, one that can stand in a bookstore, waiting to be read my the masses. Though, not every aspiring writer can be like J.K. Rowling. That was just pure luck, I think.
I will keep up with this, though. There is still more research to be done until I can even feel like I'm ready to tackle the project.
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