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When I held you, whilst you
slept, you used to entwine
your legs with mine and I
felt your breath.

Your breasts against my
chest, you’d awaken and
reach for it.

Dream like, in the almost
morning light you’d grind
and roll.

Inside you, I’d lose
myself in a land of skin,
and travel roads that
led to damp and musky

And as dawn's glow climbed
the wall, you climbed me,
and we fell together, backs
arched, blood let, teeth clenched,
all tears wept.

Then you lit the candle;
you leaned across my arm.
Your breast sliding against
my cheek.

Your hair was a cascade
that framed your eyes.

The thought of you grips me
now. My mind taken away
by that look that drank me

And always when I dream you’re
there: legs entwined, held
in my arms, reaching for it.
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