Envy and Inspiration

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I'm feeling low...and inspired. I just watched some of the Game of Thrones episodes on cable and I'm feeling seriously intimidated. Anther fine work of story telling done on such a level that it makes my own story look...ugh.

What I like most about Game of Thrones...the dialogue. The author has some cool wit, humor, and turn-of -phrase combined with the application of things like philosophy to just down to earth grit to hook you from all angles. I can see why HBO took the job.

I'm obviously an anime fan also and I really like the story behind Luffy and the whole One Piece world and how it pans out. I love the concept of the "Will of The King" and how the sense of the story doesn't seem to surround fighting but actual progression to a point. You could almost feel the epic showdown in the end. I also am always a fan of seeing how different anime's portray stronger and stronger people in a different way then before. They all generally follow the same formula but it just goes to show that while basically the same, two stories can be world's apart.

Intimidated but inspired. I think if I simply stick to my own guns and tell the story how I want to tell it, it will come out for the better. But I really wuld like to just sit down and talk with all my favorite authors and artists. I wouldn't even talk about writing. It'd just be cool to be in cool company.
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