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I have been compiling research for my first ever novel, and as I think about the MC and their motivation and thus their behaviour, I realise that yes, it is a projection of me. Perhaps my ideal me, but still me. As I have never written before, I think this may be the easiest pattern to fall into to start with.


My MC snapped into focus today, and this focusing also gives me a different entry point into the timeline of the story. A far more interesting "it's already set up and pretty much working" vs "how the flying fuck do I set this up and make it interesting because quite frankly it is going to be as boring as batshit".

The MC is no longer me.

The MC is now the original MC's son. A new, improved version of the original MC, who had far better nurturing and examples as he developed.

So excitement.

I love how the story just unfolds as I ruminate, and I have not even started writing yet.
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