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Ever Wonder?

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 130

I have a great many questions that confuse me.

1. Human ingenuity. Fact or Myth?

Well, I know I'm not a genius, and just about everyone I see around me are not geniuses. The mark of a genius seems to be that he is able to create and pioneer in a way unknown and unforeseen. He seems to see things in another way and with common knowledge or techniques make of it something incredible and new. It seems that genius isn't a difference in intelligence so much as it is a difference in perception and imagination. As if the normal mind can see a diamond from one side and theirs can see it from three or more at the same time, backwards, forwards, and upside down.

But when you think, the actual geniuses must account for... 0.0001% of the human race. The rest of our intellectuals and professionals merely familiarize themselves through reading up on the books detailing the findings of others, thus becoming highly knowledgeable of the information already discovered but unable to proceed beyond that point.

To put this in scope, the smart guy is able to look at a microwave, analyze the principles that created it, and then find the particle physics behind it's creation. This is not genius. This is hard work and dedicated investigation into something that already is.

Genius is the guy who was able to invent the microwave in a time when everyone was using brick stoves. The ability to conceive of and create from those ideas which, derived from known and unknown ideas, have no precedent.

If only one person in a room of fifty can play basketball, are we all great basketball players?

This leads to my next question...

2. The genius of ancient races. Fact or Myth?

We all know the paradox. Ancient civilization using instruments not far from rocks and picks create colossal monuments of engineering that are said, by modern professionals, to be very, very difficult or incapable of being reproduced even with the aid of computers.

There are some interesting facts we can derive from this...

* the ancient mind is either no different or actually more advanced than our modern minds, capable of conceiving of complex formulas, forms, and structures without the aid of computer technology

* we think ancient people were much stupider than we were. this is probably a galling myth for the same various reasons one would assume their child is stupider than they are

* the professionals are egging up to this 'historical genius' notion, and we are actually fully capable of reproducing such feats, but what the hell are we going to do with a huge freakin pyramid?

* we were not able to conceive of these things and there is a strange plot whole in history

Apparently we had some very impressive minds back then. They were able to chart the coasts of the world, built buildings that lined up to astrological data, and calculate the circumference of the earth before knowing the existence of the America's. No wonder people accused one another of witchcraft. This is mind-boggling and/or shaming. It's like hearing my four year old brother built a rocket in the bathroom while taking a dumb...In the colonial era.

One could venture into the UFO theory. I wouldn't blame them. What prompts a man to look for subatomic particles- many times smaller than what would be visible or even suggestible by any magnifying glass of the time? It's like setting sail and looking for GUYEFJDHFJAHE. You never heard of that or anything relating to it, but you set out for it? You are not even aware of the word or name for it.

The sudden appearance and disappearance of genius comes very close to something out of nothing, which is near impossible. Where does this genius come from? Can we mimic the process. Is it simply a difference between the make-up of minds or the perception or is it something else?

3. The current technological. Strange or not?

Funny how thoughts link together, right, lol. Now I am thinking about today's times and the exceptionally swift roll-out of pretty startling technologies. I mean, one minute it is part of hollywood fluff, the next, we are throwing it away to make room for the next best thing. I have a theory that borders on the shady. I believe that we already are in possession of some startling technologies. That what is unknown in public is being used already in secret and that little by little, they are portioned out into the world in order to resemble the facade of engineering advance but for some reason there is impatience and these things are being pushed out quicker and quicker.

That's as close to alien tech as I'm going to get. I tend to disagree with the whole alien theory, but then there is always something weird that doesn't add up when you look at things from a distance. I know, I know, don't discredit the human mind and things are easy once you think about it. Very true. In fact, our entire technological world could have been made by a person in the stone age if he could just think about it. No one invents the IPOD until it is, and then you have a fleet of hackers able to crack it open, stufy it, and modify the logic to bypass industrialized settings. A thing is impossible until it is thought of, then it is only a matter of time. But the rise is inexplicable. We are really sailing through innovations here. They just invented the RFID microchip? Bullcrap. Touch screen? Bullcrap. The most reasonable explanation I could offer was that it was used by the military or something. Funny how al roads lead there, right. There is a reason for that. Most of the great commercial techs we have stem down from research discovered as part of military advancement programs. The tech just trickles down from them, snatched p by the highest bidder, and applied to commercial enterprises. How can such innovative minds invent such far reaching technology and simply use it for the most basest of reasons. Aggression and the threat of aggression.

Ok, that ends my track of thought for the night. Perhaps I will wonder about something else that strikes me as weird. Matrix style, weird, lol. There's a glitch in the system :p
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