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Everlasting Love!

Published by berrybline in the blog berrybline's blog. Views: 183

“ He is back”..shriek tasha next to my ears.
“ Isssssssh..Quiet”..

i warned her from making further noise.i was tickled pink by the good news. Both of us were hiding by window's curtain while peeping over his house quietly.

Those dark brown eyes, muscular body..whooow!
Each time I spot him,i certainly be on top of the world.

..Jacob,my prince..my honey..my baby boy..my...oh my..my..

" Are u gonna sit right here day dreaming or"...
'' No way'' I snapped before she could finish her sentence.

I walked out quickly to meet him..i made sure no eyes watching us..

"Holla..Surprise!'' I greeted excitedly.
His eyes twinkled in joy the very moment he turned around and saw me.

For your information


I m Alicia, eldest at home.i have a younger sister, Tasha. Mum is a divorcee; however dad shows up once in a blue moon to prove he still exist .Mum working as secretary in an HR firm to support us financially.

Well, Jacob and me?

Firstly, We are neighbors, my mum and his mum don’t get along well due to some minor misunderstanding. Therefore they don’t even smile at each other..What more us, do you think we are allowed to do so? A big NO.
Secondly, I and jocob are in love with each other for past 10 years. Trust me when I say it’s a secret..oppss..except Tasha. I definitely wouldn’t come this far with him without her knowledge.
Thirdly, Jacob is working in Singapore therefore we barely meet. And I finished my finals few days ago, currently lazing at home while waiting for my results. Oh Yeah..i didn’t tell him that I m back home.. Cause i wanted to surprise him. *imagine...You meeting your loved one suddenly after few months without any clue*I bet your heart will swim in joy..right?

“ Hate you, for not telling me ' that you are back! ”He joked in a serious tone.
" Oh really,I know you don’t mean it...i chuckled "
“ Anyways,when are you leaving? ” i asked him curiously
“ Live in curious! I better get going before anyone sees us..Catch you later my love”..he threw a peck on my cheeks and disappeared at his doorsteps.

My phone rang as I reached my bedroom,its HIM..I quickly lifted to my ears.

“ quack quack !”
" Hehe..So what my little duck up to at the moment? Any plans for night? "
" Busy doing nothing unless you have something for me! " i replied impatiently.
" Alright..What about dinner at tamarind hill ? "
“ Quack quack!! ”
" How sad..you cant make it .."
" NO NO NO..pig you!i m coming! i interrupted.
" Haha..kidding baby..cant wait to see you later..Missing you damn a lot.."
" Me too honey..we are just 1 wall away..yet its so hard to meet.."
"Yeah,I know..''

-Silent for a moment-
''…go get ready baby,see you soon.''
" Okies!!muaks!see ya.."

I clicked the mobile phone off and tossed it onto the bed.


" Tasha ! guess what ? i m going for dinner with Jacob later..wohooo,i m so happy..”Can u please pick my outfit tonight? I wanna look great! And yeah..Sister pleaaaaaaaase allow me to use your mascara and glossy lip balm”

hahaha…since when u started calling me sister?
"Whenever I need a help!"
"What???"frowend tasha.
"Just joking..okay okay…its getting late,Il go and take my shower while you are helping me to sort out my outfit,necessary make up and accessories..get it?"
"Yes, I got it maam!"

--------While showering----------

I cant stop thinking about him..i cant believe its already 10 years since we paired up..so many obstacles..Name it’distance, communication, parents, frequency of meeting up..so on..Despite everything, our love still lasting..And will always last till end.

i love him so much..Nor words neither value can express it.

Knock! Knock!

“Its getting late! You better move ya bum fast otherwise you would not be going..Remember house rules’ no stepping out/in after 10pm”..Yelled tasha.
“Yeah I remember..mum and her rules..it totally annoys me at times.”I mumbled..


“You look awesome sis!!!!i bet his jaws gonna drop in a glace.”
“Stop making fun of me,pig you!”i blushed.
" Come on..Look at the mirror and tell me,am I joking?''orderd Tasha.

I walked and stood right in front of the mirror.i admit,for the very first time,I cant stop admiring myself.i certainly looked excellento.i m sure he will get hooked at a glimpse, I was eager to see his reaction.

In that blue velvet dress flowing on my body shapely with white accessories and pinkish make ups and THOSE high heels made me look extra tall as if I m a model. The credit without doubt goes to my lovely sister,Tasha.

“Thank You sis! Tell mum that I m off to a birthday party..i whispered in her ears while wrapping her in my arms.
"No worries!pinky promise,it’s a secreto..have a good time sis''she shot back watching me disappearing.

-----------------------------------In Car------------------------
Phone rang,its HIM again..

"Quack Quack!"i answered.

"Duckling,Where are you?"

"I m on my way..and you?why didn’t you wait for me?"

"I m on my way too..i did not wait cause ...


"I had to get something,well it’s a surprise! so no more question!"

"Wait wait.."


He hanged up.

I was in pool of curiosity. No clue..Damn!!Whatever it is...he should have waited for me…I was little annoyed...


"Miss, can I get a bouquet of roses."
"Here you go sir..Have a pleasant night."
"Thank you miss,I paid her and walked off."



Ring -check

Letter- check

All check!

I bet she wont have any idea where this dinner going to lead..i smiled..


Deep in my heart, I m sort of nervous...as It was a sudden thought to propose her.

I have no idea, why I felt today is the day....

Therefore I had to rush to get everything done before dinner.


I m gonna propose without any practice, hope I don’t screw up..

I cant still myself from imagining, how the whole proposing process gonna take place..

-i was absolutely worried oooops nervous and excited -



"Miss Alicia.."

"Yeah,its me..hows he doing,doctor?"

"Sorry miss..

''.....he is no longer with us"

-----------Silent moment------------

"we found a ring along with a letter in his pocket..Stay strong maam."she uttered and walked off.


I stood stagnant..no words nor tears..

''how could he leave me just like that..i m sure its not happening..izit some kinda prank?''

i cant convince myself longer..i burst out with tears.. still in shock..

I was holding the letter on my right hand and ring on the left..i have no idea what’s the connection between those two items..still traumatized and was not able to think..*blur mode*

I slowly took the letter and opened the folds..

Dear Alicia,

Ma wifey..Will you marry me? obviously I know the answer,so you don’t have too ans..that’s why I brought the ring along :D.we never spoke about this earlier..coz I know its kinda early for this huge commitment..but it was a total sudden decision to propose you today baby.i was getting worried,thinking I might not get the chance to slip the ring trough your finger..lols..weird right?i know its totally an unnecessary worry because I know no-matter what you are only mine..

Anyway,I want you to know that you are the best thing ever happened in my life..my life turned special after u stepped in..

GUESS WHAT?hehem..

I have already bought a house baby..

Remember I asked you to pick your fav house on the template that I shove to u when we met 6 months back?yes…..as you wanted.,I was saving up all the while.hehe..and u had no idea why I asked u to choose at that time right..lols..now u know..

And you know what baby,

I m raring little golden retriever back in my place.I m sure you are thinking,how come....

Because its ya favorite…

u always think they are cute and u loved them..

Although I hate dogs,but when I knew you like them..i cant deny, I start liking them too..

You might wonder,why I wrote all this in a letter instead telling out..

1)my mummy in law wans back her daughter before 10pm..so limited time..i worried I might miss out certain points..

2)u can read the letter all over again and again to feel my love when I m not beside you..my love printed to you in black and white form

3)i m more good at expressing in written words rather than spoken words..lols!

before i forget!

You are extremely cute at your duck tone!i just love it...in fact it's better then real.. :p

you know what?;)

i m gonna meet my mummy in law tommo and reveal about our secret relationship..i m sure i l b able to convince her and my parents,so no worries..


i knew how sad were you..wen u mentioned ..

"we are just 1 wall away..yet its so hard to meet.."

i promise,

l break that wall tommo..hehe..i l do anything to keep you happy sugar pie..infact you look superlicious when you are smiling..so keep smiling baby..

Last but not least,


'' I felt today is the day..i need to bring our relationship one step higher"..

cant wait to marry you,i wanna come back home to you..

always remember,

I love you more than anything in this world..You are my soul mate even death cant separate us..''

Your everlasting love..


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