Expand Your Consciousness, Expand Your Life

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"If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, you have a gulf ball sized understanding."

Loved this quote and so true. One of the things I love most is being able to read, see, and experience things that expand my awareness of things previously unknown to me. Things that open you up to the true breadth of life and make the world seem vast and a startling mystery once again capable of rich discoveries and outstanding journeys. There's nothing so dull as to live within the confines of the ordinary and the mundane. Walk on the wild side. I guarantee you'll like it.

Read, write, journey, and explore people...that's what I wanted to do. One day I want to travel to Iraq, to Israel, and to those places in the Middle East. I may not like what I see there but I will see it for my own eyes. I never buy into the media's depiction on things and I caution anyone from simply believing whatever is presented.

A writer is an adventurer at heart. We live to tell the tale, but first we must live or the tale will be dull. I want to see all sides. I want to talk to people and learn the language, the customs, and the traditions. I want to commune with someone on the other side of the world not through emails but in real life. I wish the days of apprentices and journeymen were back were a student had to travel and expand his knowledge of the trade and the world before he attains mastery. Because both things are vital to development. No one holds all the pieces.
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