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This is a more in-depth explanation to the situation I alluded to in my last blog.

So, I love my boyfriend very much. He's funny, playful, smart, and good at pretty much anything he tries. In almost every aspect, we are perfect together. However, he is a couple years younger than I am. I feel like a lot of our relationship (3.5 years) has been me waiting for him. Waiting for him to get into school, to get his driver's license, to save up money, to be ready to get our own place. I'm ready to be an adult now, and I don't know that he is.

I have a friend who I like very much. He doesn't exactly click with me like my boyfriend does, but we have a lot in common. Plus he's my age, he's in his fourth year of college for civil engineering, and he lives by himself. We talk a lot, and often our conversations last for four or more hours. He's wanted a relationship with me for a long time, but I was never available.

I'm at a crossroads. I can see being happy with either one of these guys, but for totally different reasons. I know that, if I do break up with my current boyfriend, I won't immediately jump into another relationship. It's not smart, and it's not practical. However, I don't know that I do want to break up with him. He hasn't exactly done anything wrong. However, I can wait forever for him to grow up.

In the past couple weeks, I've changed my mind about this several times, and I can't seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion. I feel like I need to decide what I'm going to do, or go completely insane.
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