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Facing Fear

Published by Talisien in the blog Talisien's blog. Views: 204

Inspired by a writing exercise in The Writing Forum Magazine.

How do you describe fear?

" Coiled, a black dragon slumbers in my gut, one fiery eye cracked watching for threats. Grappling free one powerful hind foot, toes spread wide, pierces my diaphragm and takes root. Gaining purchase there another wraps around my heart forming a protective cage. A head and gaping maw force themselves up my throat blocking air and paralyzing words. If I do not stop it there a fore foot will slide up the back of my skull talons freezing my brain. Twisting me in his grasp he sits glowering and hissing, "This is mine!"

If I move in protest I am fixed in a baleful, red glare filled with a dark and dangerous compassion, "Hush Little One," he rasps. "I've got this."

As his head returns to weaving back and forth I sink into insignificance, retreating behind his obsidian armour. There I dream of sitting astride the beast using the beating wings of fear to ride the edge of adrenalin's rush, to soar beyond the barbs and arrows of life's battles."
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