Falling to Pieces_Volume 1 - A Start within an end

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Volume 1- A start in an end.
I looked into my Shiny new mirror that hung proudly in my ensuite bathroom which was also a new development – there had been a lot of new developments lately. Like the big fact that I was dead – I looked good for now, I had a small heart shaped face with round brown eyes. I used to have a tan but since the death I was a mixture of cream and roses which was better than most. I suppose I should think my life lucky and in a weird way it was. So here it was – I was the most popular girl in Nort High – Kayley Everson and I was dead at 18 years old.
Now what I meant by lucky was that I had a rare, what the experts called an excess of spirit. You know that 80% of brain mass that most humans don’t use, well that’s where your spirit can be found and for me a little more than others is there. Unfortunately and equally fortunate depending on what day you asked me I had spirit, so when I died by hitting my head in the wrong place in cheerleading practice a couple of months ago, I surprised everyone by coming back to life. Lucky these days it was a known occurrence rather than just accusing you of vampirism, there’s a waiting period before your buried to see if you’re with spirit. It wasn’t permanent but it gave me a few years of life that I wouldn’t have had previously. Then it was one failing body part after another, so like I said I looked good-for now. I picked up my purple Ra-Ra skirt up and slipped it up my legging clad legs and pulled a snug-fitting emerald jumper over my curvy body. I picked up my black one shoulder school bag and sulked downstairs to where my expectant parents were waiting to squeal about my first day of hell.
“Sweetie , you look so cute for your first day at the Academy!” That was my mum- she was perky. I used to be all kinds of perky too but dying kinda took it out of you. Mors Academy was for people like me- deaders. Its purpose was for giving the kinds of experiences that I would be missing out on.
“Don’t you think so honey?” She prodded my still reading father. He read the morning paper every morning and never looked up to what my mother said but he was never usually so quiet, I guess the death had been hard for him.
“Yes dear” He didn’t look up as usual and I was glad that the ritual hadn’t changed.
“Right I’m off then” I picked up a piece of toast off of my dad’s plate.” Yes I will ring you mum before you ask” I disappeared out of my house and onto our drive where my lovely car sat. The small black Mini-Cooper sparkled in the morning sun. I sighed with happiness, another benefit of being dead – parents felt guilty for never giving you everything you had ever asked for. This little beauty had had been left for me to discover about a month of my coming home from the morgue. I slid into the plush world of my car and started to drive to Mors Academy where I was doomed to be tagged the wonderful honour of New Girl. Every city had an Academy; ours was in Atlanta only 30 minutes away on a good day. I pulled out of my street – Cynthia McKinney Parkway, we had moved there 6 years ago. My parents were so proud of living in a street named after some Congress women that I had never heard of but in name only.
I pulled up in an area of the car park that was empty- partly because it was miles away from the entrance. Dead or not my parents would kill me if I got a scratch- again that was. I still wasn’t tired of the death humour obviously. I got out of my Mini giving it one last look over my shoulder – hoping that no-one would crash into it. Not all dead people were alert, in fact there was a law in motion to make deaders banned from driving. Inside I stumbled at the sudden surprise of light – now that was something I didn’t expect. Inside everyone was all happiness and smiles, it was quite scary really- shouldn’t people be a bit more depressed. I slowly walked over to the desk where a young women sat while looking behind me hoping I wasn’t in some school version of the stepford town.
“Excuse me?” The woman in front was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. She had ebony black hair that sailed down to her waist which was tiny and massive violet eyes that sparkled. Her lips assembled in a small grin that looked as if it was always there. Then she turned to face me fully and the half of her face that had been concealed was revealed to crushed and stitched together. A little eep jumped out of my lips and startled the other students that were walking by. The woman just smiled and arranged it so that part of her face was concealed once again. Which helped ease my nausea.
“Sorry- I wasn’t expecting a Nex so soon” Nex was the latin word for violent death, it was given to the people who had come back to life from a violent death now. I was surprised that the Academy have one to greet people.
“Its fine I get it a lot” She half smiled, as only one side of her face was shown. I instantly felt guilty for making her feel bad for something she had no control over.
“It’s not fine- I’m sorry but I’m Kayley Everson and I enrol today” I offered a hand which she elegantly shook with her dainty hands. Her nimble fingers danced with a pile a papers that I hadn’t even seen her pick up and whipped out a paper, to which she handed me.
“Welcome to Atlanta Mors Academy Miss Everson” I thanked her and I looked down at the massive schedule. First period – Life within death intro, with Mr Dickens. I groaned at all the possibilities that this class could have, I looked up at the low trickle of laughter, a boy. He had brown hair and green eyes and smart smile and was tall and was trimmed with a muscly outline. He gave me a wink and disappeared down a hall. Welcome to Mors Academy I thought warmly as a small smile broke out across my lips.
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