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Published by suhailp in the blog suhailp's blog. Views: 148

Time...is creeping along,
and I can feel myself sinking.
Falling deeper, slowly submerging
into the stillness of the cold night air,
the silence of this lifeless room.
Engulfing me...Consuming my thoughts,
Devouring my dreams, night by night.

Every moment, each instance
seems to slip through my fingers
as the sands of time trickle through-
Grain by grain, second by second,
Falling into the past,
Descending far down below,
until there is nothing left, but forgotten memories.

The day is lost, and tomorrow fast approaches.
I find myself wondering...what lies in wait?
As the grains, they aggregate,
and the sand, it accumulates-
Slowly...oh so slowly...
The bulb empties, and all that remains of me,
is a lifeless silence, and windswept dust.

So I lie here in wait.. still I lay here in wait...
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