Dec 1, 2010
Hi OliveKanayurak, nice to meet you.

I have a big family myself. I'm really sorry about your other brother.. must have been very upsetting you and the family :(.

My mum used to have 3 brothers, but one died in a hit-and-run when my mum was 15 (I think), they never found the person who did it, but it upsets my grandmother Brown (my mum's mum) a lot even on Christmas Day (that's when he was born).

I have a collection of friends too, I nearly lost in touch with a girl I grew up with.. but she found me on Facebook now we get together now and then for a meal or drink in a coffee shop. I used to attend a Japanese night class and made a few friends there now I go to a Chinese night class, made some friends again and used to go 2 different colleges, made some friends there too :).

I made some friends in high school, but now I don't see them now and 2 of them I kept in touch with for a long time since leaving high school have fallen out with me over a personal issue which upset me deeply. My home friends were there for me when it happened, so now I don't bother them since I couldn't forgive them for what they did and said, but enjoy telling other people any funny stories that happened in high school.

I have home friends, I play badminton as another interest and have friends there too. I have Internet friends in different parts of the world and have common interests to me.

One of the friends who fell out with me over that personal issue insulted my Internet friends by saying the photos they give me are fake and aren't the people they say. But half of my Internet friends take pictures of themselves with cameras next to mirrors, I know she was only looking out for me.. but I defended my Internet friends because I love them all and then informed some about what happened, they were glad I did that for them.

I always believe that it's never right to think of yourself as perfect or talented at things when there are some people who haven't got the things you have or just need that extra help.

That's why I always think of my friends first and let them know that I'll be there for them whenever they need me :) and my family are wonderful, if you want me to list my family members, just let me know and I will :)