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My family have been driving me nuts lately. Family and a few friends. I don’t really want to go into details, because while this is my life I’m talking about it’s theirs too and I have no right.

Things are crazy, I’ve cried twice now and I’m not really much of a crier. I hate crying it has a lot to do with my upbringing at a private school I don’t really talk about it much.

Anyway I figure while I’m feeling the way I am I’m going to remind myself of five things I like about the people I care about who have stressed the heck out of me it will make me feel better.

My dad

(1) His brave

(2) he doesn’t let the way trashy people treat him get him down

(3) His about to lose something important to all of us but he says its okay even though its not. I’m really proud that he can handle it better then I can

(4) He always knows how to make my little ones smile

(5) His done everything he could for us and I mean worked his butt off

My mum

(1) She has a very gentle personality

(2) she has a heart bigger then her back pocket. Sometimes she goes without to let others have things they need

(3) she cries and shows humanity wish I wasn’t so frigid and could be like that.

(4) A lot of times she makes peoples moods happier she likes to joke around.

(5) She looks after nana like a sore thumb.

My brother

This one will be a bit harder. Not saying I don’t love my bro but he can be a tough little cookie

(1) My bro does lots of different things his uber active.

(2) My bro has this awesome attitude where nothing can touch him

(3) My bro is the ultimate fisherman

(4) My bro would look after my girls at the drop of the hat

(5) My bro is very, very protective of me even though I’m the older one

My Sister

(1) my sister really tries hard to be part of the family I love that :-D

(2) she is probably one of the wittiest people I know with her mouth. When we get together we are evil

(3) My sister is pretty but she is also humble about it

(4) My sister loves cars and things she can show an interest in just about anything

(5) my sister is a great mum

My friend

(1) she sticks to her guns

(2) she is loud and is so funny I almost cry when I’m with her

(3) She is a very talented person

(4) She has this way of getting the opposite sex and luring them that I could never manage

(5) she’s had a really tough time of it but she always bounces back.

There now I’m not grumpy and I don’t have to offload to people I feel heaps better. Now I pity the poor people who have to read this anyone interested in taking up journal tags by the way. That’s when you do a questionnaire and then tag three or so other people to do the same questionnaire. Let me know if your keen guys.
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