Family units (Nearover)

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The Draycon family Unit.

In Draycon family is highly regarded and a thing of honour. Often parents raise there children to become boasting rights in their social circles. To a Draycon social status is highly important.

Often the Draycon youth are given great respect as they are considered the age group to move the country forwards. The youth are often very obedient.

Mothers within wealthy homes with servants and bondsmen will take the time to patch the clothes of their family. Their own parents included.

Often female children are taught from a young age to be placid. They are often taught they are fragile and dependant on a mans good will.

A Draycon family unit is made up of a mother and father, with their children and also the parents of the father. The Draycon have more children then any of the other races having anywhere from one to fifteen children due to low death rates in child baring this is because of the Draycon’s advanced technology

The Human family unit

Families are expected to be dutiful, female children based on their beauty are often married off into wealthy families. Thos less fortunate are left to their on martial devices. It isn’t uncommon for a female child to be wed at thirteen. A woman is often the family member to show the families wealth status through jewels and adornments. A woman’s looks are very important Families are often smaller then that of the Draycon due to death being an often occurrence in child birth.

The Heckling and the Tortai.

Families are support and friends. The more mouths there are to feed the strain on a family. Death in child baring is high and most families have one to three children often they leave home by ten to twelve to reduce a families stain.
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