Fan Fiction, what to do?

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In one week I started writing a Doctor Who and Sherlock holmes fan fiction.
My wife was horrified by the prospect of me touching the great detective, something of a purist she reads fan fiction but only ones that treat the great man with the uttermost respect and keep him pretty much the same as he always was in Doyle's originals (I mentioned the Lovecraft crossover collection and she told me to go f*** myself). The idea of me getting my twisted mind into Holmes' London was not a prospect she looked forward to. However, I ignored her and will persevere. The trouble is I clearly lack Doyle's brilliance for twists. Not being a huge fan of deteciive fiction to begin with I'm not very good at instilling riddles to untangle, at least not by a detective. I must produce a better story before I can show it to the wife lest she go all 'potty mouth' on me again.
I abandoned the Doctor Who pretty quickly. I still like the idea but the whole thing was pretty self indulgent.

This is my first attempt at any fan fiction, so I hope I can do Sherlock justice. Are there any guide lines to follow or is it just keep the missus happy. Think I'll abide by that.
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