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Fan Girl Moment

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Let me start this blog post by apologizing (yet again ) for not being more active as of late, and by saying how much I've missed being here. This forum has a very positive way of forcing me to look at my writing goals and work in a way that makes me more likely to finish it. That is something I sorely need.

Which in a roundabout way brings me to the meat, the good stuff, the actual subject of this post. Last Saturday, I completely fangirled out on not one, but four... yes... FOUR New York Times best-selling authors. (Yes I'm still burying my flaming cheeks beneath the brim of my baseball cap over this one.)

It all started at The Panhandle Professional Writers bimonthly meeting. I was thoroughly embarrassed from the get-go, because I hadn't been to a meeting in a few months, and as I walked in I heard a squeal. A very high pitched squeal, as the current President ran over and bear hugged me. I fought my inner voice as it screamed, no my bubble! And managed to hug her back. She proceeded to introduce me to some newcomers by name, and then added she's an indie author who writes urban fantasy and is currently writing a zombie western. This was a little embarrassing for me because I don't actually have anything published, but who wants to correct someone you haven't seen in six months, especially when they only read 500 words and still remember it?

The meeting progressed, and a member of a critique group that I participate in came over to talk to me, and the woman sitting behind me. I quickly found out that she is the writer in residence for the local college, and is a New York Times bestselling author of romance novels (Jody Thomas)- color me impressed! I mostly listened to this critique member wax on for thirty minutes, when Jody turned to me and said, "I heard you write Urban Fantasy and are working on an interesting zombie piece for indie publication. I'd love it if you'd come to lunch with us to talk."

I went, and not only did I get to pick Jody's brain, but I also got to hang at the cool kid table with three other Times best sellers. To say it was surreal is the understatement of my life. These wonderful, funny, awesome women have more collective writer-oomph in one little finger than I sometimes feel I've ever possessed, but more importantly, they have the credits to prove it. Those women who took pity on a poor newbie writer have more books published and on lists than I may ever complete. It was soo very inspiring, and something I won't soon forget.

So, the lesson I took from this experience is... don't be afraid to share your work, yourself, and branch out of your comfort zone more often. You never know who you might find in your local area, and more importantly you never know what kind of friends you might make!
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