Fanfiction as a writing tool

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A girl at my writing class had an interesting approach to fan fiction. First of she wasn't ashamed that she enjoyed wring and reading it which I admire, standing up for something thats often considered really low status writing, and she was one of the writers in class I was most impressed with. As a writer and as a really charming person. But that's beside the point.

She pointed out to me if you want huge amounts of feedback, reviews and comments on your writing. Just to develop, you should write fan fiction. It might not be exactly the feedback you looking for always (“That characters so hot!” and “Oh that's so not canon!” and so on). But you do get a lot of feedback.
It was intriguing standpoint, and she had gotten to the point that the authors whose books she had written fanfictions about wanted her in their next anthology is she provides original work.

Someday I will try writing fanfiction just to try her thesis of the huge loads of feedback.
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