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feb 24

Published by Gigi_GNR in the blog Gigi_GNR's blog. Views: 167

I feel like I have a lot more time this semester, although these past few weeks have been stressful. My school schedule is more forgiving (wrt scheduling; not necessarily coursework), I still work, and because of my impending tax return and my financial aid refund check (for extra left over after the semester was paid for), I feel in a more comfortable place.

Of course, joining the bowling team has made things more stressful this month; because I work nights, I don't get time to do homework unless I stay up late, which makes me sleep later in the morning and skip class, so I use weekends to do things. However, these past 3 weeks have had weekend bowling tournaments so I've been pretty fucked recently in terms of managing everything. I've skipped a lot of class even though it's only week 5 of the semester, and I feel so behind on homework. My stress emanates from that, mostly. I know I pulled my grades up at the last second last semester (escaped with passing grades in every class except screenwriting, which was a D, and only because I said 'fuck it' to writing any pages, honestly), so I can do it again, especially if it's only week 5 (I have until the beginning of May, really, to do well, and I have until March 25 to drop classes and pick up new, half-semester ones if I need to), but I'm still stressed. Luckily I have off work tomorrow night and don't bowl this weekend.

Overall, I do feel in a lot better of a place than I was last semester, although stuff is still stressful. We're probably moving out of this apartment and finding something cheaper, which is exciting and yet bittersweet, because we've made this place such a nice place. I've started therapy again, which already makes me feel better, and I've started actually moving forward with engaging in the gym more; had a body comp appointment and everything, and after I clear up the homework fiasco, I'm signing up for a personal fitness check and hopefully personal trainer sessions after that if the check goes well. I feel like I'm moving ahead on the two things I was unable to do last semester, and that I have the money to do other things I wanted to do, as well. And if we move somewhere cheaper, that will continue. My job is letting me come back as delivery driver in the summer and that's a way to make BIG money via tips, so that's exciting. I turn 21 in 5 days and I'm back in Orlando in 2 weeks or so, and I'm going to Austin, TX, this summer as well. Overall things are looking up, but currently I'm stressed with school and Murphy's Law was in full effect over all of last semester, so I'm reluctant to trust anything too much. But so far things are miles from where they were in the last entry, and for that I'm glad.
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