FedEx and Incompetence: What do these two have in common?

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Some of you may remember the trouble I had with getting my paycheck.

Well, apparently I just have horrible luck with getting things mailed to me.

I ordered a new AC adapter for my laptop, because it's a Dell and it sucks and this is the third AC adapter I've had since I got the computer a year and a half ago. Next time, I think I'll go with a Mac.

Anywho, I ordered it a week ago. It was supposed to get here on Tuesday. The online tracking thingie said that it had been left at the door at 8:50am.

Guess what? No package.

I waited, figuring they might have just updated it ahead of time. I went to the pool, and while I was there, I saw a FedEx truck driving through the neighborhood toward my building. I thought, Good, my package is here.

About an hour later, I went back upstairs, expecting my package to be waiting at my front door.

Guess what? No package.

I called FedEx. They told me that, yes, it should have been delivered already. They would check with the driver to see where he had left it, and then they would give me a call.

Tuesday went by. No call.

Wednesday went by. No call.

I called them again this morning. They said that the driver hadn't followed up on the issue yet, but they would call me when he did. Fantastic. Great job, FedEx.

Apparently, the driver called me when I was in class. The message said that he "might have accidentally left it at 4737 Apt 202, instead of 4717 Apt 202."

Where I live, each of the buildings has a security code that you need to get in. I only know the one for my building. There are two possibilities here:

1.) Whoever lives in 4737 Apt 202 returned the package, in which case I will have to wait until it somehow gets to me.

2.) A lot of these condos are vacant for most of the year, so there is a possibility that no one lives in 4737 Apt 202, and the package is just sitting on the doorstep.

I think option #2 is pretty likely. This requires a stealth mission. I have to somehow get into that building. Maybe wait outside until someone goes in, and I can nonchalantly go in with them.

Mission codename Death To FedEx is go.
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