Feel like I have been given a life death sentence

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My doctor has told me the only thing he can suggest is back surgery.
He is sending me to a surgeon in the hopefully near future to discuss my options.
I can hardly move some days and that is bad enough, But surgery could make it so I can't move permanently.
I have heard so many horror stories, that I am actually terrified at the thought.
The computer is great but I still want to have a life outside of here.
Nothing large just able to sit in the van long enough to see my grandchildren and their parents. Be able to give them hugs without hurting too much and also be able to feel the hugs.
Don and the boys have put up with my problems for as long as I have known them and they still love me
But will that continue when I can't do the things I can now?
Probably shouldn't bring this here but I always find that you cheer me up and give me a different perspective.
I guess that is what I need right now.
Everytime I am alone I cry and that is not a good thing.
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