Feeling Reinvigorated

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Since the day we started talking I haven't been able to get you out my head.
Only happy thoughts about you, I can't imagine what's up ahead.
Everything's feeling so perfect, everything feels so right
We've had our bad moments, ye I know, we do fight
But even then I want you near, even then I want you close
Even then I wonder to myself how all this time you've been under my nose.

Words can't seem to fulfill the explanation I want to give you about how I feel
But if this is wrong then I don't wanna be right. I want this to be real.
I want us to grow together, I wanna be da chick by your side.
I wanna give you all of me! From you, I have nothing to hide!
I laid out my life to you, I've told you everything with veracity
I'm giving you all of me, more than just what your eyes can see.

Every conversation we have, makes your inner beauty harder to ignore.
Building a desire within me, making your mind what I wanna explore!
I want to learn and know you, feel you, and understand you.
I wanna be there for you, know what to say, what to do.
I wanna be everything you need...
I wanna be your dream come true.

I wanna give to you, what you've given to me and more.
The feeling of willingness, of peace - no more wars!
The calmness, feeling like I can breathe
The feeling I've always wanted of happiness
You make me feel like it can be achieved.
You make me want to keep going, you keep my head up high
Tears of happiness, I never thought I'd cry

I've been so delighted since the moment we started talking again
Im so excited to learn more of you, to be more than your friend.
Im completely enraptured by this person and this feelings so true...
Im completely head over heels for you Daddy,
All I want is you!
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