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Well what good is the ignore function here? I still see, in the Lounge, a spiteful, ad hominem posting by the person I put on my ignore list. I thought the point of this function was to block out such things so I don't click on them and end up getting ticked off by the junk I see there. Out of sight, out of mind.

A well-established member of the site posts such incendiary junk and it's welcomed with lots of sniggering, agreeing comments; as soon as somebody else came in and offered a counter-argument (which was the only LOGICAL, non-ad hominem post I saw in the thread at that point), THEN a mod saw fit to step in and warn people to be civil. Only after a bunch of others sniggered and agreed with the original post, which IMO shouldn't have been allowed in the first place, it was so full of spite and namecalling and attacks on whole groups of people. Many of this user's posts are the same so I decided at last to put them on my ignore list, but the post still shows up for me. So much for that. :mad: I would have rated the thread a two, but the last time I rated a thread here, somebody either deleted my rating or changed it, which nullifies the point of that function as well.

I wanted to ignore another user whose Lounge postings are often just as filled with spite and hatred, but they're a mod, so I can't. Of course. Only well-established members can get away with such comments, I'm betting. If I were to try posting such spiteful comments I'm sure I'd get a warning. Not that I'd stoop so low as that. I'm rather disgusted that such stuff is even allowed here, much less welcomed.

But that's just me and I don't moderate the site. :rolleyes:

I just figured out I can disable comments on my blog. Good. This blog is for my opinions and nobody else's, just as those forum posts seem to be for those members in question. (In fact, the post I'm talking about, like this entry here, would have belonged far more in a blog than in a CIVIL DISCUSSION forum.) Let's hope THIS site function works the way it's supposed to.
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