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Published by Adenosine Triphosphate in the blog Adenosine's Notebook. Views: 178

Feminism is, like a political party, a label that applies to a wide variety of different people with a wide variety of different beliefs. There are some feminists who carry a great deal of resentment or even outright hatred for men, and I will not dispute their existence, but one would be foolish to assume that everyone who falls under that umbrella is a horrible bigot. The movement as a whole has, I think, some very legitimate grievances. A few of its adherents go a little overboard, but, in a society where many people meet complaints about sexism with laughter or outright misogyny, I can understand how someone might be driven to extremism. I don't particularly like it, but I can understand it to an extent.

Were I to believe what I often hear, I would arrive at the conclusion that feminists are a bunch of harpies who want to chop my balls off and stick my head into a beehive. The movement is a varied and colorful affair, but for some reason many people choose to treat it as one monolithic ideology and judge it by the behavior of its worst practitioners. This is both insensitive and irrational. There are different factions of most political and social groups, and there are individual forms of all of them. You can no more say that everyone who calls themselves a feminist hates men than I can say that all conservatives are part of the Klan. It just isn't a reasonable way to approach things.

There is more than one ideology that falls under the umbrella of feminism. There is more than one set of political beliefs that are held by people who vote Democratic. There is, in effect, more than one religion that people call Christianity. Labels are rarely useful in this area as more than loose, general descriptors.

Personally, "feminist" isn't the first word I'd use to describe myself, but it also isn't the last. I hate sexism, and I have a great deal of respect for people who dare to confront it, even if some of them are a little flawed in their approach. And, you know what? For every feminist who writes an angry article, there are four or five men who think they have to authority to tell another man how to dress, behave sexually, and conduct himself around the opposite sex. There are four or five men who will call him a pussy or a faggot for getting raped in prison. Any man who thinks that women are his gender’s greatest oppressors needs to take a look at the behavior of his own sex. There are many males who use restrictive notions of masculinity to beat other men down socially. That, much more than a little bit of resentment from a feminist blogger, is truly an abomination.
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