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Finding Folks To Read Your Work

Published by Mo Yeongsu in the blog Mo Yeongsu's blog. Views: 146

I have had a book planned out for over a year and I have so many details in my mind ready to put on paper and have just recently begun typing it out after having such difficulty forcing myself to just start. It was mostly out of fear of not being able to finish or finishing and it sucking.

That's not what this is about; it's about having people proofread my work. I have two problems. The first being that I like to have people read drafts that I know still need a ton of work. I know that they will be horrible (by my standards), but I worked my butt off and really would like to get some sort of reward by it even if it's just somebody experiencing what I've taken hours and hours to write. And once I do that, asking them to read the final rough draft (does that make sense?) is tough because it's just a pain for them. My third (yes, I know I said just two) problem consists of finding more people to read it that aren't so close to me that they'll go soft, but not so far that I can trust them and can actually respect their thoughts. Also, just working up the nerve to ask somebody to take time to read something they have no investment in can be a pain.

Does anybody else experience this? How do you deal with it? I'd try posting stuff hear if Cog hadn't so strongly discouraged it. Guess I should try finding somebody here on this site, huh? So, any takers?
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