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Finding Motivation

Published by gabrielc in the blog gabrielc's blog. Views: 132

I just wanted to share my methods of how I motivate myself to write. Writing is something I love to do, but with my busy life I not always in the mood or I don't get in the mood as often as I want, mostly because when I do have my free time I just want to rest. Especially for someone who likes to make his work public at my site and people are always waiting on the newer passages. Well throughout my writing ventures I've found effective ways to motivate myself or get myself in the mood as some would say. For starters I find that a great way to motivate myself is to go back to the beginning, meaning when the idea of the current story for whatever you're writing had first came to you. Maybe a song you were listening to or a movie you were watching or an event you were doing. Try to help remind yourself how you were first inspired to write the thing that you're working on. For me music is key, I find it really easy to motivate yourself by listening that type of music that relates to your writing. Like if you're writing a horror maybe listen to creepy music while imagining passages from your writing. I also find it easier to be creative if music is planing while I'm writing it really helps the creativity to flow. Another way is pictures, I like to search the internet for pics of related to my writing and just take in the art. For example I'm currently working of a science fiction / fantasy story. Before I write I like to search for cosmic pictures. Pictures of beautiful space scenes or ships. I find that art helps to influence art. I do have some other ways but I don't have to much time on my hands now but I hope this post helps someone. I also keep a blog on my site that I've recently started.
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