First Attempt at Failure.

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As George lay in bed he let the book "Pirates Chest" fall open at the page with the folded corner.
George began to read.
Captain Greybeard picked up his trusty spyglass and looked out to the shore he could make out tall new buildings and a man dressed smartly walking quickly with purpose.
Andy was late for an appointment. Twenty minutes late. Mr Smith would be cross.
In his office Mr Smith looked at his watch. The gold watch he found in the attic. In the box. The box had a story, but the story was too long, because there was a knock on the door. It was his wife. "I'm leaving you".
Outside, Frank was waiting in his car. The engine was switched on. It was a new life. He thought about his wife. He thought about his children.
Emily and Peter walked through the Schoolgates. The bell rang.
It was morning and George stared at the ceiling.
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