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Err right, hey everyone. My names David and I'm from Manchester, UK. I'm 21 and a bit boring I guess! ;)

Anyways. Just testing the blog features as I've just found out about it. First blog for me as well. :)

I'm currently writing a fantasy book and it's looking like I'll progress with it. I have a tonne of stuff I've stopped working on since starting writing seriously several months ago, normally before the first chapter or two is complete. My record is 6000 and odd words for 2 chapters. I'm currently on chapter 3 of this one I'm writing with around 3500 words. But I need to rewrite chapter 2 entirely and chapter 3 is being wrote.

I also have a crime story and a fantasy one based in an american civil war type era on hold.

I'll probably just update this blog to say how I'm coming along with the writing.
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