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person: Hey
me: hey
person: how're you?
me: good ty how're you?
person: good ty.
person: wubu2?
me: nm u?
person: nm.
*long pause*
person: so... wuu2?
me: nm, u?
person: nm.

this is the beginning of every IM history i have. word for word, pretty much. i'm bored of it
i can't think of anything to say to anyone anymore, it's like all conversation has become irrelevant. if i'm excited about something, nobody else cares, so i can't talk about that. if they're excited about something, i'll say "wow i'm so jealous" then listen to their ramblings. Other than that the only things there are to talk about are: Other people, that party last christmas, other people, how awesome it would be if smileys were real, other people's drug addiction that doesn't exist, why you can't do that, why teachers suck, and what was the head talking to you about?
it's getting dull, i don't know what i'd rather talk about, but the conversations i do get into aren't exactly the best.
anyone else bored?
wanna start a revolution?
every day talk about something different to someone?
then again, they'd jsut call you a freak and walk off, wouldn't they?
i have 4 people wishing to talk to me right now, and i think only 2 of them really care. we've all got problems, but some of our problems are trivial, and some of them don't get mentioned, and the ones that do get mentioned don't effect anyone else and the ones that don't get mentioned get mentioned as "problems" but they can't be spoken about.
i'm basically bored, and for some reason i feel like i'm drunk, but i haven't drunk anything all day.
oh well. another day in the life of a bitch.
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