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Not sure what to do with this blog... but uh... here we go, ok and please, I have NO IDEA what a blog should really be used for, (I'm not that internetsy-ish, so I'm not used to this stuff) so if you read this and think this isn't what a blog is for please tell me... I'm good at being random so let's see where this takes me. Lately I've been writing quite a bit of stories... ok note I start them and try to come back to them but normally I think of something different that makes my attention get led onto the next story... sometimes thats for the best, because then I can combine all the stories to make on really amazing one. :) I have a question though, is it weird that I feel what I'm writing? Or does that just make me a very deep writer? Like if my main character is sad, I begin to feel sad too as I write... maybe I'm just over-emotional. Yeah I bet that's it, because even still I'm not that great of a writer.
By the way, my name is Olivia, most call me Livvie though so thats fine too, I'm actually still in school, so my grammar and spelling are still very amatur and right now I'm focusing on perfecting my writing skills so I can be a great writer. I like when people pick at my work, so if I put something up here, comment on something I could work on or something. I know my writing won't be great, but knowing what I can do to make it better always helps me. Thanks a lot. :)
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