First Chapter is up! Hooray

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It's strange how much satisfaction I got today when the first part of the second chapter on my blog fiction site (Lv87) went up. Sure, the first chapter took a week to post, but I still think it's better than posting in 5-6k word increments. Perhaps I am wrong, though.

The bog hasn't received a ton of views, but I have no advertising for it and I don't think the keywords I use are very... broad. Nevertheless, I'm happy its been posted in whole.

I decided to put the whole chapter in a 1-page setting. I'll do the same with the following chapters. I figure it'll be a little easier to do that rather than making people read them post by post. Granted, it then begs the question: why did I bother to break the chapters up anyhow? Oh well, I still like how everything is coming out.
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