first day of the rest of your life

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well here I am. but who is me? im not sure i know anymore... but i will find out. the road to redemption some call it. ive spent my life living in a world of fantasy, chasing a dragon. now its all gone.

let naked in barren world, stripped of all vanity, dignity and irony.
humiliated by defeat
defeated by self indulging actions.
self indulged due to fear of abandonment.
i spend my days afraid of the world.. scared that all it will offer me is abuse and distrust.

i sit now on the ground where a great battle took place.. the dust has settled and all that remains is a mirror... when i look into it, i see shame, and anger, resentment... but I also see hope. i needed to be defeated in order to achieve the greatness that has been locked inside me for so long. suppressed by a self fulfilling prophecy of despair and rage.

i now stand up and walk the path of life with anew mind.. a new soul... reborn again into a world I am now equipped to understand and appreciate. this sacrifice will not be for nothing,
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