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First editing cycle complete

Published by CrusherBrooks in the blog CrusherBrooks's blog. Views: 130

Well, it's taken a while and it hasn't been easy, but I managed to pick all the nits I could find. Plot holes have been closed and more important characters have been slain!
I won't be writing for a week or two due to academic circumstances, but when I'm back I'll be posting short stories based on my characters. I also have a few people lined up that want to make artwork for me (in exchange for the assumed privilege of being a proofreader, apparently I'm good at selling my half-finished product) so I'm having a party! I also have several people who just want to proofread.
Actual content will be posted here soon!ish!

P.S. having this forum as a resource certainly has been motivational, thank you :)
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