First entry - 'About Me' Vomit :P

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Hello all,

I've decided to do a blog. I'll be posting my publishing news and such, providing links to where some stuff can be read. That sounds kind of cocky, but i've been sending things out like mad, so hopefully there will be publishing updates to post :p

I'll start off by saying I'm Michael. I write under the pen-name M.V.A. Cristiano, and have been published a few times. I write for a school newspaper; sounds cheesy, but all experience is a learning experience if you ask me. My first published piece was in 2002, i won a local short story contest at the fifth grade level (CHEESE!!!!).

I've been writing my whole life, my mom's a published freelance writer and author - her first children's book was released under Rain Publishing in Canada last year. I guess you can say that writing runs in the family, i've been writing random things for as long as i can remember.

I'm now almsot seventeen. I'm pretty young, and hope to improve my technique and mind through creative writing and poetry. I'm also fluent in french (Canadian stereotype), and i know a little italian and german...

Yeah, so hopefully publishing updates will come soon. Happy writing, folks.

~ M.V.A. Cristiano
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